Our History

Brookwood provides meaning and purpose in the lives of adults with disabilities. Our Citizens are the heart of Brookwood. Brookwood’s day program started in 1983, and our first residential Citizens joined in 1985. Today, more than 200 Citizens work in one or more of our enterprises at our main campus in Brookshire or one of our two satellite locations in Richmond, Texas and The Woodlands, Texas. Over 100 Residential Citizens live on our 485-acre campus and another 130 Day Citizens live at home and commute daily to work on campus. 

Our Citizens enjoy genuine fellowship, participate in fitness activities in our indoor swimming pool and gymnasium, celebrate the presence of God in our interfaith worship center, and when necessary, receive care in our onsite health clinic.

Vicki Streit, the daughter of Brookwood’s founder and Executive Director Emeritus, Yvonne Tuttle Streit, had the mumps when she was only a year old. Complications arose and Vicki developed encephalitis and meningitis, which left her severely brain damaged.

The Streit family was very fortunate because Mrs. Streit’s father was on staff at Methodist Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine, allowing access to many skilled physicians; however, after a period of time, the Streits realized the field of medicine had reached its limit. They then turned to the field of education in an attempt for Vicki to adapt within her abilities. 

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